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Hab meinen Arzt gefeuert

Muss das hier nochmal reinkopieren, weil ich zu aufgeregt bin, um das nicht in die Welt zu schreien.

ttdr (too tired, didn’t read): Doc told me to see a specialist, proceeds to ignore recommendations from specialists.

Don’t know how it is in other countries, but in Germany you usually have a house doctor who is responsible for handling all your every day things, treatments and sending you to specialists if necessary.

Been ill with Long Covid since I had Covid a year ago. When I didn’t feel better after a month or two my doc told me to try slowly starting to work again. At first two hours a day, next week four hours, next six hours until I could work fully. Well, that crashed and burned completely. Couldn’t manage more than an hour the first week and then I couldn’t do anything anymore.

But, fair enough, he or I didn’t know any better. Shit happens. Next step would be to apply for rehabilitation. Had to fill out a huge complicated form. Took several weeks to do that with the help of my wife. Haven’t heard anything back from that since. But news in Germany is that rehabilitation centers are overwhelmed by Long Covid anyways.

Next step, I (not my doc) found out there was a specialist near me. Went to see her, did some tests, she recommended strict pacing, 10 minute walks (if I could manage) and a rehabilitation. When I gave her letter to my doc he seemed to be taken aback but went with it. At first I could do the walks but all in all my health deteriorated further. Went from moderat to almost severe.

Next time I saw him I asked if we could look for micro clots, in case that could lead to a viable treatment. He told me that he couldn’t do that, he didn’t know enough about Long Covid to do such a thing. I should see a specialist to get recommendations. Fair enough.

My health declined even further and now I’m almost completely bed bound. My parents paid a specialist from an office where the doctor suffered from Long Covid herself. I guess I couldn’t find anyone better. The appointment came up, we had a long talk, she sent over a list with recommendations with staggered escalating steps. One of the recommendations was not to attempt rehabilitation at the moment because I’m bed bound.

Showed that list to my doc today and he dismissed it entirely. Asked me if I have requested rehabilitation. Told him again that I haven’t heard anything from that. Asked him about the list and he said it’s senseless, wouldn’t do anything. And anyways, I can’t just stay in bed all day.

I fired him on the spot. It took a lot of restraint to not shout or throw anything across the room. Now I’ve got to find a new house doctor, which is hard enough in this stupid town, everyone has enough patients and nobody is taking on anyone new. My father in law has good connections, though. Hopefully he can recommend someone.

Went to my car, wrote the news to my wife and my mother, had a short cry and went about my day.

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